The summer is over at least in the art world. So back to the grind as they say. More posts are on their way from social media directly from artists.

Below are reviews of gallery openings on Thursday, September 6th. I was only able to make it from 27th Street to 23rd Street. So much I didn’t see that I really wanted to. Here is a selection of work that was mostly worth making a note on. I might be honest/harsh but I’m not going to post a show that I think is just bad.

This is an artist centric blog but I chose to post these by the gallery names. There are two reasons for this. 1) These artists have representation and it’s easier to find this work using the galleries names. 2) Though some artists have animosity to the gallery system, it’s the system we have and most of those folks running galleries do it for the love of it. They’re also providing the artists with an invaluable service.

Gallery Reviews will be monthly.

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