Georg Baselitz: YOU ARE WRONG!!!

I just got home from my studio, where I spent a long day. In the old days I used to smoke a cigarette or two and ponder the work on the wall. Now, I look at Facebook on my phone. Not sure which is worse for my health, but at least FB isn’t proven to cause Cancer (yet).

Someone had posted the article, I spent another two hours there, got some work done, but was stewing. Baselitz has never been one of my favorites but I do respect his work. You don’t have to read more than the first few paragraphs to get the gist of his misogynistic rant. Reading it, my mind went immediately to those artists who happen to be female, that I’ve come across online.


It made me think about the history of art in the last 20 or 30 years while I have been a struggling participant. So recently as when I was in school, there was scant representation of women in SoHo, (that’s where most of the galleries were at the time.) It was also incredibly difficult to get your work in front of people at the time. If you weren’t in an exhibition you weren’t seen. It was like you were invisible.

Well Georg, you’re a product of your time! You can’t see past your own success and the galleries that represent you. You don’t have enough imagination to realize that if it’s not in a blue chip gallery it might “still” be worth seeing! You’re ego and hubris is your shame, your misogyny might be part of your generation but it’s not forgivable. Your lack of curiosity is evident! If you, like I have and many others too, had taken the time to look up working artists on Facebook, or Pinterest, or Google+, or TheArtStack (to name a few). You might have come to the conclusion that there are not just a few women who “can paint,” but there are many, and in fact there might just be more women working that “can paint” than men. Really Georg, how lazy are you?

Georg Baselitz, back when you were coming up as an artist, the gallery system was skewed. You probably never even gave it a thought. Just so you know, it might be why you had success at all. I’m pretty sure there were artists that were much better than you who didn’t get a chance at having that first gallery show. The sad thing is that some were relegated to the dust bin of the art world for the singular reason of not being male!

I have a soft spot in my heart for any artist who has spent their life in obscurity and continued to make work for an entire life. There are many reasons an artist who truly deserves to be recognized might not have been. But being female as a reason is just repugnant.

Georg, do yourself a favor and take the time to look up some of the unknown masters who are working today, many of them women. In fact the social media has changed things up to such a degree that you no longer need representation to have people see your work.

You don’t have to be in a major city. You don’t have to be physically attractive. You don’t have to be well connected. You certainly don’t have to be “a man.” Things have changed, you could call it a Sea-change, and maybe you missed it. You can get on Facebook and friend artists, if you do you will find artists who post their work. When they do, you see their work! Get it, you don’t see who is a man or woman, white, black, brown, gay, straight, pretty or not so much. You see the work! Yes the work is what matters more today than ever before! In fact your work Mr. Baselitz, might not get that much attention if you weren’t already famous. It’s not that great. It’s competent, not more.

So here are just a few artists who happen to be women. I would never have seen their work had it not be for the internet. Oh, and by the way, I think each of these artists are as good and many better than you are Mr. Georg Baselitz!

Susan Carr

Valerie Brennan

Diane Scott

Susan Scott

Erin Lawlor

Erika Diehl

Natalia Fabia

Cyndy Goldman

Camilla West

Louise Blyton

Laura Hamje

Sky Pape

Harriet Bellows

Emily Berger

I recommend you look them up, because you clearly aren’t looking!

Disclaimer, I’m a white man who paints. Hate me for that and you’re no better than Baselitz. Hate me because I’m a bad writer or you think my paintings suck, then I’ll at least respect you in your poor judgement!

Disclaimer #2, this is by no means a complete list of artists I enjoy, these are names that came to mind who’s work I might never have seen, if not online. 

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