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Hello, I’m Art Orbiter. I’m an artist working my tail off in New York City. It’s a little harder to make art here than lots of other places but I love this town. I happen to have been born in it but that’s not my doing really. I started this blog a number of years ago when I was frustrated about the art world. I think it’s just not the best place for an artist in many ways but I’m still here and I’m still working and showing when opportunity arises. I was just seeing so many good artists on Facebook and other social media who didn’t seem to be getting so many shows. So I started reposting work by artists who’s work I though was strong. My goal was to bring some attention to the good work being done today all around the world as well as to maybe give moral support to some artists who deserve it.

I let my weekly posting lapse and it was for good reasons. I was lucky enough to start to get more shows and moved my studio from my apartment to an actual work space. Now I’m back. I won’t be keeping a schedule but I will be posting more frequently. The new format will be an interview format. I know you’re thinking there are a number of them and some of them are very good why do we need another? I was thinking that as I was ruminating on the reset of Art Orbiter.

Well, I’m happy to tell you that I have a good answer to that. As my career has changed, my interest in other artists has too. As a younger artist, I’ve always wondered about certain things regarding how artists got shows and how they work for those shows. I still wonder how it works for other artists. I have one story and maybe one day I’ll tell it here but for now I’m going to remain just a painter in New York. The point is every story is different and we all really want to know how it happens. It’s the big secret in the art world. How does one get a gallery or exhibition? I suspect there are many points of departure that different artists take.

The new format will be interviews by artists who have solo or two person shows. My intention is to interview artists who are both obscure and well known, and ask them questions that other artists are interested in hearing. So if you’re an artist and want a question asked, send it along. I suspect that these things that artists want to know will be interesting fodder for the greater art community.

Please Enjoy!


  1. What a great resource for artists, let alone the ethos of “spreading the word” regarding the Under Known talent out there. I love just about every work you post – keep it up!

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