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Dear Art Appreciators,

After a couple of years of posting regularity we’re set for some changes. Partially because of time constraints and partially because the goal was always to build community. We’re looking for artists who are interested in occasionally contributing. Have you seen a show you feel inspired by? Are you interested in sharing work you found online? Let us know. We are also going to start a few new pages, some may fail but hopefully some will become very useful resources for working artists. We artists don’t do this work for the money. If we did none of us would ever have had to work second and third jobs just to eek out enough time and space to create.

In the meantime, we’d like to post a repository of Artist Statements. If you’d like to share your statement on we’ll post it in alphabetical order on a statements page. With your statement we’ll post a single image and a link to your website. The purpose of doing this, to share our thoughts, to help us all improve our own statements, and to be able to see how others pose their own questions and answers. Once we have half dozen or so artist statements, we’ll start the page. We expect this to be an ongoing project. The only requirement is that you are indeed a working artist. You know what that is, and if you are one. Please also have a website of your artwork.




To share a please email: statement,  jpg image (no larger than 1000 pixels wide), and a link to your website. To:


We’ll leave you today with this link to the blog by Tracy Adams,

Tracey Adams, Radicle 14

Tracey Adams, Radicle 14

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