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In his commencement speech at the School of Visual Arts this past year, cultural critic Greil Marcus said, “What’s the impulse behind art? It’s saying in whatever language is the language of your work, ‘If I could move you as much as it moved me … if I can move anyone a tenth as much as that moved me, if I can spark the same sense of mystery and awe and surprise as that sparked in me, well that’s why I do what I do.'” [quoted in BrainPickings May 14, 2013]  


I’ve long collected images in which I can get lost, that I want to revisit, that restore energy to me, in a way that I hope my own work will do, at least for myself, and I hope for others, too. The small group of images here are in that category, plus a couple of mine as aspiring companions.  


~Diane Englander

1Art Orb Sassetta Journey of the Magi c 1435

Sassetta, Journey of the Magi (c. 1435)



2Art Orb Elmer BIschoff #1 (1974)
Elmer Bischoff, # 1 (1974)



3Art Orb Jim Lee Profile (Bits and Pieces) 2012
Jim Lee, Profile (Bits and Pieces) (2012)

Art Orb Hicks title and date unknown

Sheila Hicks, title and date unknown


5Art Orb Layered Buffs 7 2010 26 x 21 3-4 1024 180 dpi
Diane Englander, Layered Buffs VII (2010)

6Art Orb Louise_Nevelson_Double_Image_21772177A 1967
Louise Nevelson, Double Image 2177/2177A (1967)

7Art Orb Ruth Hardinger container #24 2010
Ruth Hardinger, Container #24 (2010)


8Art Orb Edward Hicks, Cornell Farm (1848)
Edward Hicks, Cornell Farm (1848)

9Art Orb Red Slashes Through Greens 2012 1024 180 dpi
Diane Englander, Red Slashes Through Greens (2012)

10Art Orb Robert Blackburne Faux Pas (c. 1960-63)
Robert Blackburne, Faux Pas (c. 1960-63)

11 Art Orb Sati Zech bollenarbeit_nr110 2010
Sati Zech, Bollenarbeit 110 (2010)

12Art Orb Scott Still Life with Frying Pan (1974)
William Scott, Still Life with Frying Pan (1974)


13Art Orb Mark Strand Madrid 2013
Mark Strand, Madrid (2013)
[image from]



Ted Larsen, Red Socks (2007)



15Art Orbiter Dieb Grayland (1976)-1
Richard Diebenkorn, Grayland (1976)


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Contemporary Artists Studios from around the world.

Thank you to all 24 working artists who shared with us the space they make art in. It’s great to see the differences and the similarities the world over. We’ll be doing this again in the spring. Looking forward to see new studios and changes to familiar ones.



Ben Young, Brooklyn NY
Ben Young, Brooklyn NY


brenda hope zappitell studio, delray beach, fl
Brenda Hope Zappitell, Del Ray Beach, FL


Mark Brown, Chapel Hill, NC
Mark Brown, Chapel Hill, NC


studio while a 4heads - Governors Island Art Fair Artist in Residence
Ed Grant, studio while at 4heads – Governors Island Artist in Residence, NY


Jonathan Waters  Stony Creek,CT
Jonathan Waters, Stony Creek, CT


Brigid Watson6 Boston MA

Brigid Watson5

Brigid Watson4

Brigid Watson3

Brigid Watson2

Brigid Watson
Brigid Watson, Boston MA


Diane Englander, NY, NY October 2013
Diane Englander, NY, NY October 2013


Tamar Zinn, 10.4.2013, NYC
Tamar Zinn, 10.4.2013, NYC


Liz Davidson's studio, Sutton, Quebec. Liz Davidson’s studio, Sutton, Quebec.


Yoella Razili, Los Angeles, CA
Yoella Razili, Los Angeles, CA


Bernadette Jiyong Frank, San Fransisco
Bernadette Jiyong Frank, San Fransisco


Danielle Borremans, Brussels
Danielle Borremans, Brussels


Christopher Rico Studio transmission- June 11, 2013
Christopher Rico, Clinton SC, June 11, 2013


Helen O Leary, Sydney, Australia
Helen O Leary, Sydney,  Australia


James Austin Murray, NYC
James Austin Murray, New York City


Valerie Brennan, Madrid
Valerie Brennan, Madrid

Valerie Brennan, Lefkosia (Nicosia) Cyprus
Valerie Brennan, Lefkosia (Nicosia) Cyprus


Steve Metzger,  Fullerton, California
Steve Metzger,  Fullerton, California


Francis Bacon
Francis Bacon, Dublin City Gallery, relocated from London after his death


Mark Zimmermann, Brooklyn NY
Mark Zimmermann, Brooklyn NY


Milica Reinhart, Solingen Germany
Milica Reinhart, Solingen, Germany


Paul Behnke, Brooklyn NY
Paul Behnke, Brooklyn NY


Kevin Finklea, Philadelphia  Pennsylvania
Kevin Finklea, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Henri Matisse, Nice France
Henri Matisse, Nice, France, 1950’s


Karl Bielik's studio in Hackney, London
Karl Bielik’s studio in Hackney, London


Matthew Dibble, Studio View,  Cleveland, Ohio ~October 3rd,2013
Matthew Dibble, Cleveland, Ohio ~October 3rd,2013


Lorna Crane,  Pambula, New South Wales
Lorna Crane,  Pambula, New South Wales


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